East Durham’s Jim Tyers lifts USL TTW U75 kilo belt against Sol Starke

Hartlepool Headland ABC’s opening show of 2019 got off to a delayed start but those who toughed it out to the very end in Seaton Carew were treated to a super finale.

The host club staged 18 bouts on Saturday afternoon, with Jim Tyers lifting the USL Tyne, Tees & Wear middleweight belt in the main event, with a split-decision success against Sol Starke.

The opening three minutes at the JD Sports Domes were close, with Tyers turning southpaw against the Houghton left-hander, who was happy boxing on the back foot.

Starke stood and fought in the middle session and to good effect.  While Tyers had the aggression, Sol, to this observer, was that bit cleaner with his stuff.

It looked all on the last and James came to the fore, applying strong pressure, so strong that Starke was given a standing eight count by referee, Justin Barnes.

Starke produced a fine effort but Tyers’ work to the head and body gave him the edge.

Matchmaker John Stubbs, from Headland ABC, deserves credit for the bill he put together for Headland’s first show of the year.

There were three England v Scotland affairs to enjoy, including a victory for Jimmy’s younger brother.

Darlington ABC’s William Tyers  clinched the honours against David Quinn in the youth battle of the southpaws.

It was a fine spectable but Tyers was always one step and punch ahead of the North Glasgow ABC teenager.

Ellis Price, from Hunslet, repeated the unanimous points result against Rob Roy ABC’s Gerard McTaggert.

The Scottish international was given a standing eight count in the first but after that it was a very competitive contest.

High Fell’s Shane Patterson defeated Gerard’s Rob Roy team-mate, James Sweeney after another good bout, Euro champ ‘Sugar’ proving that bit sharper.

It was a good day for Hartlepool and not just because of the success enjoyed by the host club.

Hartlepool boasts five amateur clubs and the New Welfare and Elite Boxing Academy were well represented at the JD Sports Domes.

Braydon Close came on strong in the second and third rounds to take a deserved victory against Davie McArdle.

The smaller District Youth boxer closed the gap in the first round but Close got his left working in the second and his right as the dominant hand in the third to give the New Welfare youngster a split decision.

It was a similar story for Sol Sullivan, who put in a strong last session, but was defeated by Kamran Mohammed, the High Fell ABC youngster taking a unanimous verdict.

Jason Cummins was the first HEBA boxer in the ring but was forced to concede second best to Olly Stevenson,  the Brandon youngster taking a split verdict.

It was a fabulous bout with both boxers setting a cracking pace right to the final bell.

HEBA’s Henry Crossman proved he can hit and follow orders as he stopped Spennymoor’s Shaun Cairns in the first round.

“Don’t wait” instructed the coach in the red corner and Crossman didn’t, putting Cairns down with a body shot, with referee Phil Hattan waving it off immediately. It was nice to see Shaun up after treatment and he’ll come again.

Elsewhere,  Plains Farm’s Declan Nunn gave it his all against Zac Nearny, but the Cleethorpes Trinity Academy star proved a quality operator to take a unanimous decision.

The show opened with an entertaining skills contest between Wearmouth’s Charlie Marshall and Kenny Beal, from Shildon.       

Words: Roy Kelly